George Harrison's first wife Pattie Boyd interviewed by Taylor Swift

GEORGE HARRISON:  First wife Pattie Boyd interviewed by Taylor Swift

One of the music industry’s most famous muses recently got together with one of the industry’s most successful singers. Pattie Boyd, the first wife of George Harrison and Eric Clapton, was interviewed by Taylor Swift for the August issue of Harper's Bazaar, which will be on newsstands on July 24th.

Among the topics they discussed were Pattie's being the influence for at least three legendary songs, Beatlemania and more.

On being a muse: “I find the concept of being a muse understandable when you think of all the great painters, poets and photographers who usually have had one or two. The artist absorbs an element from their muse that has nothing to do with words, just the purity of their essence.” Among the songs written about Pattie are “Something,” “Layla” and “Wonderful Tonight.”

On Beatlemania: “I found it absolutely terrifying. I got to see The Beatles play at a theater in London, and George told me that I should leave with my friends before the last number. So before the last song, we got up from our seats and walked toward the nearest exit door, and there were these girls behind me. They followed us out, and they were kicking me and pulling my hair and pushing us all the way down this long passageway.”

Taylor wrapped up her interview by asking, “What advice would you give a 28-year-old who’s deeply inspired by your outlook? I would love to look back on my life with the same clarity, wisdom and peace that you seem to have.”

Pattie told her, “You have to remember that nothing remains the same. It’s always going to change. The whole world keeps changing, we keep changing, things in our lives keep changing. Nothing remains the same. If you’re happy or you’re sad, it’s not going to last forever. You just have to keep remembering that.”

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