Chrissie Hynde apologizes to fans for not being more friendly

CHRISSIE HYNDE:  Pretenders star apologizes to her fans

Here's a shocking bit of news: Chrissie Hynde knows she's "not very gracious" with her fans.

She writes on Facebook, "Sorry about that. I've actually been such of fan of my favorite artists all my life that I know what it is to be a super-fan. But maybe if you think about it, you’ll understand how weird it can be to be on the receiving end of that kind of attention. It’s great when we’re on stage, but off stage, it’s something I’m not good at handling...

"SORRY! It doesn't mean I don’t appreciate you. All of you. Without you, I couldn’t do this and I never forget it."

Chrissie also wants you to know that she's "not selfie friendly," adding that she gets "embarrassed" and is "uncomfortable."

And she's also not a fan of the people she refers to as the "eBay guys who lurk outside hotels and airports, and hound us to the end of the Earth... Back off and stop spoiling it for the real fans. I hope I never see another blue sharpie for the rest of my life."

Chrissie and The Pretenders just wrapped up a U.S. tour with plans for more dates here next year.

TOTO:  David Paich will sit out band's upcoming tour

When Toto start their North American tour next week, they'll be without keyboardist David Paich.

They've released a statement saying the "recent European appearances took a toll on his personal well-being, and it is in his best interests to forego the impact the rigorous wear and tear being on the road brings until he is feeling 100 percent. He plans on focusing on his health, and looks forward to returning to the road when ready to do so."

Paich adds, "To say this was a difficult decision would be a complete understatement. I hope you will all be understanding of my need to be home. I look forward to joining the boys again on stage as soon as possible."

Sitting in for Paich will be Dominique “Xavier” Talpin.

This leaves guitarist Steve Lukather and bassist Steve Porcaro as the only original members on this tour. The tour starts Monday in Vancouver.

With Weezer recently covering Toto’s “Africa” comes a challenge for Toto to do a Weezer song.

Stryker and Klein on KROQ in Los Angeles threw it out there and Steve Lukather was listening and said, “Hey KROQ, we heard you talking about us on the radio. Let's talk... soon."

Of course, Toto was already heading down that path as Lukather told Variety, "Now, wait until they hear our Weezer cover we just started recording, and will be out in the next couple of months. I dig them. I was never really aware of them outside their hits, but my kids hipped me to them. They are really good, inventive and quirky, hooks for days. Thanks to Weezer for doing this. We’re thankful for the gift."


DENNIS DeYOUNG:  New album in the works

Dennis DeYoung is working on a new album.

While the voice of "Mister Roboto" and "Come Sail Away" remains open to reuniting with the rest of Styx one day, he's not waiting around for the phone to ring.

He tells us he's spent considerable time over the past year collaborating with neighbor and fellow Windy City music icon Jim Peterik.

Dennis DeYoung talked about working on the album with Peterik:

"Mostly me and Jim Peterik, the guy from Survivor and The Ides of March. He's only like three blocks from me. So, we've been writing together for almost a year now, and doing all kinds of demos of songs. And trying to narrow it down to, you know, our favorite 12 songs."

Peterik's credits include such classic songs as "Eye of the Tiger," "Is This Love" and "Vehicle," as well as 38 Special's "Hold on Loosely" and The Beach Boys' 2012 reunion single "That's Why God Made the Radio."

Dennis DeYoung says he and Jim Peterik record new songs as quickly as they finish writing them:

"Well, we write and then we record and then we go, 'What made us think that was good?' And then we write and record. You have to put it down because songwriting is really about what kind of record you could make it out of it. And so, we've been doing that. Very excited about the project -- because if I don't get excited, who the heck will?

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