Paul McCartney: New study questions his role in writing "In My Life"

PAUL McCARTNEY:  New study questions his role in writing Beatles classic "In My Life"

A new study calls into question Paul McCartney's role in writing The Beatles song "In My Life."

Harvard University statistician Mark Glickman and Dalhousie University math professor Jason Brown claim by by analyzing chords, transitions and melodic notes, it "more stylistically resembles" one of Lennon’s creations. They says the odds are less than one-percent that Sir Paul had anything to do with the melody.

They state that McCartney most likely “misremembers” writing the song.

Their conclusion factors in that the pitch of McCartney-written Beatles songs was often complex and varied, while Lennon’s barely changed. Using "Help" as an example, Glickman and Brown say, "It basically goes, ‘When I was younger, so much younger than today... It stays at the same note repeatedly, and only changes in short steps. Whereas with Paul McCartney, you take a song like ‘Michelle’. In terms of pitch, it’s all over the place."

Through a spokesperson, McCartney said he will not respond to these findings. (NME)

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