Paul McCartney posts video answers to fan questions

PAUL McCARTNEY:   Video answers to fan questions

Paul McCartney has added a video element to the "You Gave Me the Answer" section of his website. Earlier this month, he invited questions about recording, Liverpool and performing from his Instagram followers. 

He then shot video of his responses and posted them. Among his remarks:

"Liverpool and the people of Liverpool and the humor made me who I am today."

He has a sensory association with Liverpool. "Down by the docks there is a particular tugboat-across-the-Mersey smell. It’s very evocative."

He prefers playing the guitar to the piano because he does "more songs on there."

The most important concerts of his career are "every time I play for the Queen has been important, because she’s important. And I think the opening of the Olympic games was pretty important."

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