Did Aliens Really Do It?

It sounds like something out of a 'Men In Black' tabloid headline. 

A man in Colorado claims that something alien may be killing his livestock. Thomas Walker says that the four animals died within days of each other, did not have any marks on them and did not die from poisoning or other contamination. Walker went on to explain, "I have never seen any animal just fall over dead - no scratch marks, no pawing, or nothing." His son-in-law, Keith McNew, said the animals were all given different types of feed, so it wasn't something they were all eating that would have been the common factor.

One of the deaths that stood out as particularly odd was a mare that was pregnant. No foal was found in her uterus. The vet says there have been several unusual animal deaths lately. 

Not satisfied with official explanations, Walker has turned to a nationally known UFO investigator. The UFO investigator said the case had details similar to other animal deaths he's looked into, but for now the cause of the deaths remains unknown

Source: KOAA


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