Graham Nash pledged his allegiance 40 years ago today

GRAHAM NASH:  Became a U.S. citizen 40 years ago today

Graham Nash, who was born in England, became a U.S. citizen 40 years ago today -- August 14th, 1978.

He was drawn to America, he says, by "the people, the beautiful country, the sense of freedom to be able to express yourself, the music and the art. I wanted to become a citizen almost immediately when I came to live here [in the late '60s]. I did not want to be 'throwing song hand-grenades' into our society without being a true part of it. I wanted to express my opinions by voting."

He's not very happy about the state of things these days.

Graham Nash talked about being a U.S. citizen:

"This is not the country that I signed up for. This is drifting into a place that is very worrisome for me. You know the division of church and state does not exist anymore. I think that government will be accepting a religious slant for years to come. It's all very depressing to me. But I'm not gonna be dissuaded to continue to fight for what I believe in."

This past weekend Nash was talking via e-mail:

  • "This country of ours is heading for complete destruction. The lack of basic manners is disturbing, the collapse of the religious pillars of society, the destruction of our language, the fragility of our financial situation, the constant denying of climate change, etc., etc., etc., all give me a strong feeling that our society and our democracy is in grave danger."
  • "We have to be careful with our resistance to the Trump administration. They are taking this country backwards and, in the process, undoing years of great work making this country beautiful, making the air and water cleaner and supporting the environment and our civil rights."
  • "We all make choices as we live our fragile lives. We must look into our hearts and choose our choices carefully."

Nash says his favorite city in America is his current hometown, New York. "It's a wonderful place to be, if one loves cities. I lived for many years in Hawaii ... quite lovely."

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