Rick Springfield says blues album isn't a 'nice record'

RICK SPRINGFIELD:  Says his blues album isn't 'a nice record'

Rick Springfield says there's been a bit of a backlash from his blues album.

Admitting that The Snake King is "a bit of a poke in the eye to the dogma of religion," he tells the Miami Herald, "I consider myself spiritual, and am on a spiritual path, but the dogma gets me riled up sometimes. And if I fear what’s happening in the world, or I see evil everywhere and I just don’t see the hand of God anywhere, plus my own darkness, you know, with depression and everything -- there’s a lot to say."

Though the frankness of The Snake King may have cost him some fans, Springfield says, "A lot of people love it." He's well aware it would never be received as just "a nice record... I knew it would [anger] some people, and that’s kind of the point. I didn’t want to hold back because of that, and if nobody shows up at a concert, well, I just won’t tour."

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