Paul Simon is planning the next chapter of his life

PAUL SIMON:  Planning on a very active retirement

With just a few shows left on his Homeward Bound farewell tour, he tells Britain's Telegraph, "Let's see where it goes. I've never been bored, so I'm not worried. Creativity just comes, you don't have to lock yourself away for it to happen."

But he doesn't feel like he needs to get off the road. "I'm not stopping because I'm exhausted, I'm not stopping because I can't sing well anymore, or think well... It feels like a good moment to think about other things."

As for those other things: Simon says he'd "like to see the planet. I think to myself: 'Do I want to spend the next three years making an album or would I rather go to India.? At the end of my life, if I'm fortunate enough to have a graceful, non-painful ending, I'd rather say I had a great life than I had a great career."

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