Aretha Franklin: Daily wardrobe changes

ARETHA FRANKLIN:  Daily wardrobe changes

Aretha Franklin is a diva in the after-life. There was a costume change between days of public viewing. And two more are scheduled before she’s buried.

On Tuesday, Aretha wore a red dress and red Louboutin stilettos. Yesterday, the general public saw her lying in a 24-karat-gold-plated casket wearing a sparkly, powder blue gown and silver, open-toed stilettos. Her red lipstick and nails were unchanged. And yes, Aretha’s legs were crossed at the ankles.

The funeral director, O’Neil Swanson, said they’ll change Aretha’s wardrobe today and again for Friday’s televised funeral. Rehearsals have started for the 16 music performances. Jennifer Hudson will close the service with one of Aretha’s gospel classics “Climbing Higher Mountains.”

Confirmed guests for the funeral, like Oprah Winfrey, LeBron James and Whoopi Goldberg, may want to pack a snack because Aretha's funeral is scheduled to go more than six hours. (Entertainment Tonight)

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