Steve Perry releases second single from his new album

STEVE PERRY:  Second single from his new album is out

Three weeks after announcing his first album in 24 years, Traces, and releasing the first song from it, "No Erasin'," Steve Perry previews another track from it today (Wednesday).

"No More Cryin'" is very much in the vein of Journey, with a nod to "Lights."

Despite not releasing an album since 1994's For the Love of Strange Medicine, Perry says he felt no pressure when it came to recording Traces.

Steve Perry says he did not allow himself to feel pressured while recording his new album, Traces :

"I decided to take the pressure off because I just wanted the material that I was writing to have an opportunity to be the best it could be for what it is unto itself. So, every song I treat so differently. 'No Erasin',' 'No More Cryin',' they all have their own respective demands and vocally, I kind of just kept doing what I think they needed."

"No More Cryin'" is one of nine original songs on Traces, with the 10th being a cover of The Beatles' "I Need You."

Traces will be out on October 5th.

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