Robbie Krieger says Doors reissue is from 'difficult time'

The Doors' Robby Krieger recalls 1968 as a "difficult" time for the band.

His band mates' writers' block led him to "writing more of the songs for the third album" Waiting for the Sun.

Kreiger created "Spanish Caravan" and "Yes, The River Knows." A bigger issue was Jim Morrison "starting to get into his drunken stage, although he came up with some great stuff, too," he says.

He tells Billboard that The Doors feared being tripped by "third album syndrome," having written "enough songs for two albums before we ever went in to record the first album. But by the time the third album rolled around you're kind of out of songs."

As a vocalist who didn't play an instrument, Morrison often had nothing to do while the band completed the backing tracks. Robby recalls, "He'd be sitting around all day and got really bored and he would end up going to the bar and getting wasted and was useless after that." He also began using Quaaludes around that time.

Despite the distractions, Waiting For The Sun became The Doors' only album to reach number-one --- and also spun off the number-one single "Hello, I Love You." To mark its 50th anniversary, Rhino has created an expanded reissue, with nine "rough mixes" and cuts from a 1968 concert in Denmark obtained from a private collector.

Clearly pleased with the new package, out on September 14th, Krieger says, "It's kinda cool... But I hate to hear that term 50 years. I'd rather it be 30."

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