Paul McCartney rocked YouTube on Friday night

If you watched Paul McCartney’s “surprise” show Friday night in New York on YouTube, or lucky enough to see it in the flesh at Grand Central Station, here are a few details you won’t see on the videos.

The show, in support of Friday’s release of Egypt Station, was staged in one end of Vanderbilt Hall, the main room of the terminal, cordoned off with a black curtain so commuters could hear but not see.

Despite the hall's towering ceiling, the sound in the landmark building did not echo as much as one would have thought.

Paul came out early to warm up the audience, explaining a skit that will be added during post production for possible release on DVD.

He also told the 300 or so on hand that the battery-operated candles they were given were to be turned on and waved during “Let it Be,” which he started by playing it on a music box.


With his voice starting to show its age, he muffed the lyrics to “Blackbird” twice, and restarted the song. He must have regular trouble with that one -- the lyrics were taped to the stage.


He was joined on the Wings song "Letting Go" by a three-man horn section walking through the crowd.

His performance of The Beatles' “From Me to You” was only the second time he has done the song it solo, with the first coming last month in Liverpool.

He took on a serious tone in the introduction to “Who Cares,” a song on Egypt Station, asking if anyone in the crowd had been bullied. Two girls in front raised their hands and he brought them onstage and asked them to share their stories. One of them explained that she was mocked by a fan of punk rock for her love of The Beatles. McCartney then dedicated the song and sang it directly to them as they danced on stage.

Celebs in attendance included Meryl Streep, Jon Bon Jovi, Steve Buscemi, Chris Rock, Sean Lennon, Amy Schumer, Jimmy Fallon and Kate Moss.

Paul starts his Freshen Up tour on September 17th in Quebec City, Canada.

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