The Guess Who is back with a familiar name and new lineup

Garry Peterson is helping write a new chapter in The Guess Who's history.

The drummer and final active member of the Canadian band's hit-making lineup is joined by a talented group of players -- including veteran bass player Rudy Sarzo on their new album The Future Is What It Used to Be.

Even without mainstays Burton Cummings, Randy Bachman and the late Kurt Winter, Peterson says their new music remains true to the sound that made the Winnipeg rockers global stars.

Garry Peterson hopes the new Guess Who album will raise the band's profile:

"Yeah, we don't know what the criteria is, and so maybe with our new album The Future Is What It Used to Be we can maybe make some noise. And they'll remember us at some point. Ten new songs that someone in the U.K. that I have done an interview with termed, 'The return of rock and roll'."

Peterson says the album The Future Is What It Used to Be is designed to add to The Guess Who legacy:

"We honor the legacy of the old Guess Who and all the people... There were many people that contributed to that legacy. We honor that but we're interested in creating new legacy. That's why it's called The Future Is What It Used to Be."

Garry Peterson of The Guess Who isn't terribly upset by the band being overlooked by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:

"It's been an honor for me to be a part of making all of these great songs and great albums, and I know the success we've had with. And I know the success we haven't had -- like we're not The Beatles or The Rolling Stones. So I look at our position and it's really about the fans. The fans are the ones who make us Hall of Famers."

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