Alice Cooper talks about new Hollywood Vampires album

The wait shouldn't be all that long for the new Hollywood Vampires album.

Alice Cooper spoke just before he played the band's final scheduled show of this year -- in Tokyo, Japan on Friday -- and he says the band's second album could be out for the holidays.

Alice says:

"I know that the record company wants it coming out by November, so it's coming up."

 Alice also says all the recording is done -- it only needs to be mixed and mastered. He adds that The Hollywood Vampires have moved past his original idea of an all-covers super-group on this album.

Alice Cooper talks about  how the second Hollywood Vampires album differs from the first. 

"The new album is all new material. I think Johnny is doing a couple of covers, but Johnny wrote most of the whole album. I did some lyrics on it, but I kind of like the idea -- first time in 30 albums that the basic 90 percent of the writing is not me." 

Johnny, of course, is Johnny Depp, who joins Alice, Joe Perry and Duff McKagan as the band's big names. Alice explains that when it came to producing the new album, he handed the job off to someone with a bit more time on his hands.

Alice Cooper on the producer of the new Hollywood Vampires album and how it was made:

"Tommy Henriksen, my guitar player in my band. It just fell in his lap, because Johnny's doing movies, Joe's out with Aerosmith, I'm out with my band and Tommy's in my band, but he has a lot of time to sit there and take all these songs and start putting them together. He had the wherewithal. Johnny gave him a studio in L.A. and Tommy would go into L.A. and just work 20 hours a day on putting these tracks together."   

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