Burt Bacharach responds to school shootings

Burt Bacharach's latest song again taps the emotions of America at a difficult moment.

The composing legend who gave us "What the World Needs Now Is Love" has responded to the wave of school shootings with for "Live to See Another Day, " a collaboration with songwriter-producer Rudy Pérez.

Bacharach tells People magazine, "School should be a safe place... Young kids shouldn't go to school in fear of doing...a hide-under-the-desk drill in case there's an active shooter." When he grew up in New York, his "chief concern was what grades would I get. There never was a thought of a shooter. It’s unimaginable to me, yet it happens too often."

Matching the intensity of the message are vocals provided by a pair of high school-age artists: Haven Star, a 16-year-old Floridian, and 14-year-old America’s Got Talent veteran Angelina Green. They're backed on the single by the Miami Symphony Orchestra.

The video is up on YouTube, along with comments by both songwriters.

Burt Bacharach tells People magazine why he wrote "Live to See Another Day": 

 [courtesy - People magazine]

"Young kids shouldn't go to school in fear of doing drills in school -- not an earthquake drill, a hide-under-the-desk drill in case there's an active shooter. I don't want to hear one person ever to say again, 'Thoughts and prayers.' It's not what...doesn't matter, it doesn't count. What counts is a change. We've to change, we've got to protect our kids."

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