Aretha Franklin biography author Mark Bego opens up

Mark Bego calls Aretha Franklin "a talent that cannot be ignored and will be remembered for generations." That's why he's published an expanded edition of his biography of the musical icon.

The prolific celebrity author, who interviewed the Queen of Soul during her '80s comeback, also spoke with producers Jerry Wexler, Clive Davis and others close to her in telling the story of her remarkable life and legacy.

Mark Bego on his updated Aretha Franklin biography:

"Aretha Franklin Queen of Soul -- Tribute Edition. So it's got a new cover, a new beginning, a new ending, obviously, updated discography. Some new photos, including photos from her very last public appearance, a concert appearance last fall from Elton John's AIDS benefit in New York."

Mark Bego says Aretha was surrounded by music almost from the beginning:

"She recorded her first album in her father's church in Detroit at the age of 14. Her father would have people visit the house, like Sam Cooke, like Dinah Washington, Billie Holliday, Mahalia Jackson. All these people would come to the Franklin home. And she immediately gravitated toward wanting to do more popular musican than... just gospel."

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