KISS announces their 'One Last End of the Road' tour

KISS are scheduled to announce their next tour at the end of October, but with millions watching their appearance Wednesday night on NBC’s America's Got Talent, why not mention it then?

The One Last End of the Road Tour will start in the U.S. in January. "All that we have built and all that we have conquered over the past four decades could never have happened without the millions of people worldwide who've filled clubs, arenas and stadiums over those years," KISS said in a statement. "This will be the ultimate celebration for those who've seen us and a last chance for those who haven't. KISS Army, we're saying goodbye on our final tour with our biggest show yet and we'll go out the same way we came in...unapologetic and unstoppable."

In addition to the announcement, they also performed "Detroit Rock City."

While nothing has been said, there is speculation that original guitarist Ace Frehley could make periodic appearances along the way due to his recent work with Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons. He will also be part of the KISS Kruise next month. Original drummer Peter Criss has retired from performing, but then again, money talks.

This announcement follows previous farewell tours in 1996 and 2000, which Gene and Paul have since described as farewell tours of the original line-up.

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