Dennis DeYoung writing with ex-Survivor Jim Peterik

Two of Chicago's leading rock and roll natives are working together for the first time.

Jim Peterik of The Ides of March and formerly of Survivor has been writing and recording with Styx's former frontman Dennis DeYoung.

Peterik is surprised it too so long for the guys to finally come together.

Jim Peterik talked about collaborating with Dennis DeYoung for the first time:

"We've been circling each other for 40 years. Finally, the stars aligned and I've been working hand in hand with Dennis on his new album, solo album."

Peterik will be the primary collaborator on DeYoung's upcoming solo album.

Jim Peterik has teamed with Dennis DeYoung on eight songs and is also assisting him on studio work:

"Obviously, he's still writing things on his own, but we've come together on about eight songs so far -- very excited. Then he has about at least four on his own. You know, Larry Millus of The Ides and I are doing the work at my studio. You know how that goes? Now, he's starting to add his band members to the demos, flushing them out, making them more of a band thing."

With Peterik also planning an album of his own, we had to ask if DeYoung makes a contribution.

Peterik says Dennis DeYoung reciprocates and is recording a song for Peterik's upcoming solo album Winds of Change:

"The answer is probably, 'Yes.' You know, he is so focused right now on his album. I am supposed to be turning in Winds of Change like in two weeks. And we're working furiously on that one song that's going to be the Dennis De Young song."

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