Kenny Loggins talks about why he is 'the soundtrack king'

Kenny Loggins is proud of having songs in some of the most enduringly popular movies of the '80s. And he could have had one more.

He recalls that Caddyshack launched his second career. And he might have had one more, if not for some bad luck.

Kenny Loggins on becoming the King of Soundtracks during the 1980s:

"The reason I get that whole nickname of the King of Soundtracks is 'cause think about the movies that I just lucked into. Caddyshack, which is still heavily rented. Footloose, which is heavily rented. Top Gun, which is heavily rented. So, I just hit three iconic movies in a row. And I almost had a song in Flashdance: I was signed up to do a song for that and I fell off the stage in Salt Lake City and broke three ribs, and had to bail from that project."

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