INXS: Hutchence's sister blames his death on a brain injury

The sister of Michael Hutchence blames his decline and eventual suicide on a traumatic brain injury.

In her new book Michael: My Brother, Lost Boy of INXS, Tina Hutchence says he was never the same after a 1992 fight with a cab driver. She tells Britain's Guardian, "While he lost his sense of smell and taste, I don’t believe he was told much else about what could happen. He was put on Prozac and told he’d get through the headaches." 

She compares his decline to football players and boxers who've suffered similar injuries.

Tina adds that in his final months, Michael was harassed by London's paparazzi and tabloids -- a situation made worse by his ex-partner Paula Yates taking up with the rocker-activist Bob Geldof, whom she derisively refers to as Saint Bob.

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