Led Zeppelin's 50th anniversary celebration hits a sour note

Led Zeppelin's 50th anniversary celebration has hit a sour note.

A ruling Friday from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will have the band face a retrial to determine whether or not "Stairway to Heaven" infringes on the song "Taurus" by Spirit.

Zeppelin prevailed in a controversial 2016 trial, but the appellate justices ruled that the jury in that case was improperly instructed about unprotectable music elements and improperly instructed on originality. "Taurus" was not played in court because it was copyrighted before sound recordings -- as opposed to songs -- were covered under federal law.

The Ninth Circuit held that the recording should have been played for the purpose of demonstrating Zeppelin's access to the song.

The Zeppelin camp has not responded publicly to the decision. There is no indication when this trial will be held.

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