UB40's Ali Campbell denies bar fight with young Brett Kavanaugh

Ali Campbell denies being present for a bar fight involving Judge Brett Kavanaugh and a man he mistook for the UB40 singer.

Surprised to find himself in the news for something he knows nothing about, Campbell tells Britain's Guardian, "I do know that nobody bumped me on the head with a block of ice in a bar. I would remember that, wouldn’t I?" Campbell doesn't specifically recall that 1985 New Haven, Connecticut show, but there's a good reason: "We did more than 1,000 shows in the U.S. in the '80s. They blur into one another."

He's sure of one thing. "The last thing I would do is go to the bar over the road after a show -- I jump straight into a car and go back to the hotel."

So while the future Supreme Court nominee may have gotten rowdy with his Yale classmates after a UB40 show, Campbell wasn't part of the melee.

Campbell guesses that "this saga will follow me around for years now, because of social media. You know what they say, anything that happens in Las Vegas stays on Facebook, but it is rather surreal. It’s a bit embarrassing that we’ve toppled Kanye West as the trending act on Twitter."

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