Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" still rings true

Gloria Gaynor's signature song is as timely as ever.

She is honored that people still take strength and comfort from "I Will Survive." But she remains troubled that abusive relationships, both personal and professional, put people in need of its empowering message.

Gloria Gaynor is honored but troubled that "I Will Survive" is still needed by women who've been victim of sexual abuse or harassment:

"I'm sorry that the song is so necessary at this point in time. But it is. And I'm glad that I have it; I'm glad that they have it to pull on, to uplift them, to encourage them, to empower them. To make it through such a difficult time."

Through I Will, Gloria's mission is "empower others...  I’ve learned when you are knocked down, you get back up and dust yourself off, but most importantly, to embrace the life you’re living."

Gloria says "I Will Survive" became more than a song and is now the mission of her foundation:

"It has become the core of my purpose. And the mission is to bring hope, encouragement and empowerment to everyone. Because everyone at some time in their life, goes through difficult times that they hope they'll survive."

Gloria Gaynor will headline the Archidocse of Miami Diamond Anniversary Gala on October 20th at Marlins Park.

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