Phil Collins launches 'Not Dead Yet' tour in the U.S.

Physical ailments affecting his back and legs have left Phil Collins unable to stand for extended periods onstage or play the drums the way he used to, but as the name of the tour says he's Not Dead Yet -- and so the show goes on.

Seated in a chair, Collins addressed the crowd at the opening U.S. show in Sunrise, Florida on Friday, telling them that while he knows he said he "wouldn't be doing this anymore...the fact is I missed you." He followed that declaration with an 18-song set that featured mostly solo material, with just three Genesis songs covering his many years with that band -- "Throwing It All Away," "Follow You Follow Me" and "Invisible Touch." Still, there are plenty of solo hits to sing and he played most of them, including “In the Air Tonight,” “Sussudio,” “Another Day in Paradise” and, his encore, “Take Me Home.” And there was a Collins on drums throughout -- his son Nicolas

Not Dead Yet continues at Capitol One Arena in Washington D.C. tonight (Monday).

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