Prince's Revolution is keeping his music alive

The Revolution, Prince's backing band from the late '70s through the mid-'80s, visits New York Thursday and Friday night. 

Guitarist Lisa Coleman and drummer Bobby Z are two of the musicians who helped create Prince's memorable music and now help sustain it. Their shows tap a wide range of emotions.

Lisa Coleman of The Revolution says the mood of their shows has changed over the past couple of years:

"We started out with a lot of grief. And the shows had a certain tone of grief and joy, As we've gone on, it's starting to be more joy. I mean, the grief. I think will always be there. We'll always miss him. He's someone you can't replace. You know, he left us all this music. We're the band -- we happen to know those songs and we know how to play 'em like nobody else does, because they came from us."

Lisa  and Bobby Z of The Revolution on their live shows and what they mean to Prince fans:

Lisa: "Each show has been better than the last -- and the first one was amazing."Bobby: "This music is so important to people. It's lifecycle music to people -- some people celebrate birthdays or anniversaries or are conceived by this music. Prince music had a lot of romance involved with it. It's special to people and it's special to us. We're just happy to be bringing it to people."

A huge part of the Prince legacy is the movie Purple Rain. 

Bobby Z says Purple Rain is a major part of the Prince legacy:

"And the movie is a big part of that, of course. You know, where did I see the movie? Who did I see the movie with? With Prince, it transcends everything. It was music, fashion, film. He just created kind of a whole culture within a decade that defined him."

The Revolution will continue to tour the U.S. for the remainder of October, with a show in Austin on Sunday. 

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