Songs Glen Campbell cut but made famous by Elvis on new release

Glen Campbell backed Elvis Presley on his Viva Las Vegas soundtrack, and was a huge fan of his fellow Dixie-born legend. So it's no surprise he left some Elvis tribute songs in the vaults.

Due November 16th, Songs for the King features a series of demos songwriter Ben Weisman used to pitch songs to Presley. One of the members of L.A.'s famed Wrecking Crew session players, Campbell was also building a name as vocalist when he was chosen by Weisman because of his ability to match Elvis’s key and even mimic his delivery.

The album opens with the gospel song “We Call on Him,” mixed as a duet that brings together the two legendary voices. A dozen of the songs -- including “Stay Away Joe,” “Clambake,” “Spinout” and “Easy Come, Easy Go” -- were eventually released by Presley. 

In 1999, Glen Campbell recalled a memorable recording session for Elvis Presley's Viva Las Vegas soundtrack album:

"All eyes were on Elvis till Ann Margret walked in [laugh]. She was probably 19 at the time. Oh it was wonderful. We were there all day doing 'What'd I Say?,' the one song from the soundtrack. James Burton was there, and that's why Burton went on to play guitar with Elvis, actually quit doing the studio work."

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