Tina Turner doesn't miss touring

In an interview on Monday's CBS This Morning, the legendary singer, promoting her new memoir My Love Story, clearly embraces a life away from the bright lights.

Tina Turner tells CBS This Morning  she is relieved that her touring days are over:

"I became tired of it. It was just one party, it was traveling all time, never being at home. When I retired, I said, 'Enough of Tina now. I don't hear any more; I want to retire. I want to in my garden... I want to shop like -- I want to do things that people that's not a star do."

Reflecting on the 2007 death of her ex-husband and musical mentor Ike Turner, Tina feels relief more than anything else.

Tina Turner talked about how she felt after learning that her ex-husband Ike had died:

"Happy he's off the planet, 'cause then, I didn't know when he would show up at my door or when he would show up, period. And after he died, it was like, shoo, OK, now he's gone."

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