Melissa Manchester takes a stand with her new song

Melissa Manchester takes a stand with her latest song. 

Newly posted on YouTube, "A Better Rainbow" urges people, regardless of their views, to vote and participate in the democratic process.

Melissa Manchester on the mission of her song "A Better Rainbow":

"It's about voting. It's about exercising our right and our privilege to vote. I wanted to use images that were contributed by fans about the best in our nature as Americans -- where we reach out to each othjer, where we understand the spirit of compromise in order to get things gone. How, in particular, when there's problems, we're usually there for each other."

Melissa appreciates that her pop success with such songs as "Midnight Blue" and "You Should Hear How She Talks About You" gives her "a platform." She wants to use it to bring people together and appeal to their better instincts.

Melissa says her message is meant for people who want to build bridges between each other:

"And I also have faith that the listeners will know what 'A Better Rainbow' means for each of them. You know, we're in peculiar times. But I still have faith in the central beliefs of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. So, that's how life shows up for me, in the form of a song."

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