Steve Perry has made a good living the past 30 years

Don't worry about Steve Perry.

The former Journey singer, who just released his first solo album in nearly a quarter-century, tells Rolling Stone that he hasn't suffered financial hardship despite barely working for the past three decades.

He credits a regular income from songwriting royalties combined with a lifestyle that isn't lavish and a belief in saving rather than spending for allowing him not to worry about money.

Perry is listed as a writer on nearly all of Journey's songs from his time in the band. He says there "were certainly some sweet [royalty] checks as the years went by," but that he "was probably one of the only guys who saved his money."

He says that while "a lot of people" were living very extravagant lifestyles. he wasn't raised that way. "My grandfather said to me when I was very young, 'It’s not how much you make, it's how much you save.' So I lived small and saved my money."

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