Jeff Lynne reflects on The Traveling Wilburys

Jeff Lynne says the idea for The Traveling Wilburys' album was born in a conversation with George Harrison.

While wrapping production on the ex-Beatle's album Cloud Nine, the two of them began tossing around a wish list of names they'd love to play with in a band. Wishes became reality when Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Roy Orbison signed onto the all-star collaboration -- which went on sale 30 years ago today (October 19th, 1988).

The ELO icon tells Billboard, "They all said yes immediately, so that's how it started out. It was just on the phone, basically, and then we got together in L.A. at Bob's house."

Lynne's favorite memory of this Grammy-winning project: "Roy Orbison singing... When he's laying it down, and I'm egging him on a little bit as the producer, just going, 'Oh yeah, just like that! He was such a brilliant singer, and a lovely guy. I had all the time in the world for Roy. My favorite thing of all was being pals with Roy Orbison." 

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