Tina Turner opens up about son's suicide with the BBC

Tina Turner remains puzzled by her son Craig Turner's suicide.

She tells BBC News that he told her he'd met a woman whom he felt strongly about. "He was bringing her to meet me [for] his birthday in August." Things seemed on an upswing. Craig "had gotten a new job with a prominent real estate company in California."

While she doesn't know "what pulled him down," Tina thinks "it was something with being alone... He was an introverted person, he was very shy, so I didn't know either, except now when I listen back to our last conversations, I notice a change."

Tina had her own setback this week -- she fell "and broke something, so I was in a wheelchair and on crutches, so maybe now I'm going through my sick period and I think that will take me through to my 90s."

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