Roger Daltrey remembers the fight that almost broke up The Who

Roger Daltrey has a new memoir coming out on October 18th, “Thanks A Lot Mr. Kibblewhite.” In the book, he opens up about the highs and lows of The Who, especially when it comes to his relationship with Pete Townshend. At one point, he recalls the moment that almost ended the band – his brutal scuffle with the guitarist.

According to Daltrey, the band was forced to take a break from preparing for their “Quadrophenia” tour back in 1973 when their record label made them record a promo for the trek. The process was moving too slow for Daltrey, who just wanted to get back into the studio, so he started to complain. That’s when he says that Townshend, who was “fueled by the best part of a bottle of brandy,” got in his face with some fighting words.

The actual physical fight started when Daltrey says the guitarist took the first swing… using his 24-pound Les Paul guitar. After a few more swings, Daltrey nailed him with an “uppercut to the jaw” that caused Townshend to crack his head on the stage… which he thought had killed him. While they both ended up in an ambulance, luckily the injuries weren’t bad enough that they couldn’t recover and keep rocking.

“I was the one who was attacked, but somehow I ended up feeling responsible,” Daltrey writes. “Thankfully, Pete survived but for the rest of my life I’ve had to listen to him blaming me for the bald spot on the top of his head.”

Source: Vulture

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