Carole King releases new single 'to unite Americans'

Carole King takes a political tone on her new single.

Her first new recording since 2011, released eight days before Election Day, is a revised version of her '70s song "One" 

Noting that she her home state, Idaho, is Republican, the longtime progressive activist says, "As I watch the leader of our country dividing us with rhetoric that elicits fear and hatred, and emboldens some of his supporters to commit acts of violence, I believe that most of us across party lines have the capacity for compassion. I believe that most of us care about our neighbors, and that most of us want love to win."

King sees the updated version of "One" as "an antidote to fear, hatred, and violence. I hope the song will empower everyone who hears it to know that he or she can make a difference."

Adding to the emotional power of the song, Carole recorded it at the studios formerly owned by her longtime label A&M Records. 

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