KISS' Gene Simmons comments on synagogue shooting

Gene Simmons, born Chaim Witz, is one of the more outspoken Jewish performers in this country, and he has weighed in on Saturday's massacre of 11 Jewish worshipers at a synagogue in Pittsburgh.

Gene says"We better all wake up to the idea that we're all Americans -- different creeds, different religions -- and what happened here was just anti-American. Just remember, it could be your church next. We have to support each other. You got to find the bad folks because evil can validate anything, so whatever happened here is anti-American. Don't kid yourself. It ain't about any one particular group."

Paul Stanley, who was born Stanley Bert Eisen, posted a lengthy statement on social media:

I grew up in a household in which my mother as a young girl fled Berlin with her parents to escape the Holocaust that loomed. They later fled Amsterdam for the same reason and with effort, luck and I believe the grace of God, came to America to pursue the dream this country offered.

My dad is a first-generation American Jew whose parents emigrated from Poland. My early remembrances as a child were of my parents' friends with numbers tattooed on their arms who bore witness to atrocities that 6 million others would never be able to speak of. Mothers, fathers, children and infants all tortured and systematically murdered for their proud heritage and choice of worship.

Shockingly, I have met Holocaust deniers over the years who either find the magnitude of persecution of Jews over centuries incomprehensible or would rather because of some twisted agenda choose to minimize or rationalize it.

Say what you will but now is a time for us all to put aside divisive, hate filled rhetoric on all sides and realize that we will all reap what we all sow. My heart goes out to all the innocent victims of not only this slaughter in Pittsburgh but of all hate-filled crimes against the innocent everywhere.

We are now in a frightening and dangerous time for society. But there is always hope in realization. We all have power. We created this. We must end it. All of us.

Dave Davies has also chimed in, saying, "I’m appalled and shocked - it’s the most disgusting thing ever - why dont people learn to get on with each other will we ever learn to live in peace - my heart goes out to families of the victims."

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