'Bohemian Rhapsody' movies bonus material in the works

Earlier this week we reported that when the Queen movie, Bohemian Rhapsody, gets its digital and physical release, it will feature the entire re-creation of the band's Live Aid performance. That's how the movie ends, but it was the first scene shot for the film.

Work has begun, as Brian May says they are in Twickenham Studios in London mixing the sound and "producing a FULL LENGTH look at the Queen Live Aid set...

"It’s getting ME excited. I don’t think most people have yet realized the stupendous achievement in vision and sound that recreating that moment in Wembley Stadium represents. Never have the forces of creative camera work and Computer Generated Imagery pushed the envelope this far. Not a single frame of what you see in the movie was taken from 1985. In vision it’s a magical recreation -- and pictured in a way it never could have been at the time."

No word when Bo Rhap will be heading to DVD, Blu-ray and digital formats.

In other Queen happenings, child prodigies from the U.S,, Iran and India are featured in a new video performing "We are the Champions." The ages of the kids range from four through 13.

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