Toto's Steve Lukather talks about a book

Steve Lukather's 40 years in Toto might be enough to fill a book with stories. 

Add on his tales as a session player working with big names from Ringo Starr to Boz Scaggs, and you've got The Gospel According to Luke.

Steve talked about a memoir:

"Author! Author! I'm sure I've [bleep] off every English teacher that I've ever had if they accidentally see that in a book store. You know, this was a happy accident. I did a Q&A at the Grammy Museum a few years ago, back in 2011. 300 people shoved into a room and I just had everyone laughing and telling stories of all the people I've worked with and all the crazy things that have happened to me in the process of you know, legendary people I've had a chance to work with. And everybody was howling, laughing and going, 'Well, really, you did that?' And my agent said I should do a book."

40 years after Toto broke through with "Hold the Line," Lukather says the time was right for a book.

Steve  didn't airbrush his occasionally crazy life and career in The Gospel According to Luke. 

"In terms of the band, I mean, I tell the story of the band from my eyes. I mean, it's not The Toto Story, it's my viewpoint of how it all came together on a broad stroke. And people are digging it, you know. The people that are in the book, my friends, they go, 'Man, it sounds just like you did!' Thank you for not... leaving it warts and all. Because it is... warts and all."

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