More Paul McCartney albums get deluxe reissues

Two more Paul McCartney and Wings albums have been given the deluxe reissue treatment.

The band's first two album, Wild Life and Red Rose Speedway, contain bonus tracks, souvenir books and video discs.

Paul recently talked about his Wild Life album:

"I am saying [BLEEP] you with this record. I mean I'm not saying, 'Yes, I'll do what you want. I'm saying I'll do what I want,' you know. And people don't always like that. It's very homemade. That was our thing at the time. The whole thing is a little bit tongue and cheek -- not necessarily doing what was expected, even if that was gonna cause problems. It was mote important to do what you wanted and what felt right than to adhere to the norm."

In addition to each album reissued individually, a limited-edition box set combines the two and adds 20 songs from a 1972 European tour.

The 11-disc Paul McCartney and Wings 1971–73 adds the exclusive live album, Wings Over Europe, containing 20 previously unreleased live tracks recorded on tour in 1972. There's also a 96-page photo book, including previously unreleased images by Linda McCartney and Captain Snap, a replica of the 1972 Wings Over Europe tour program and more.

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