Good News for the Scammed

Did you donate? If you’re one of thousands that got tricked by the story of the homeless man helping a woman in need, there’s good news. GoFundMe has given refunds to thousands of donors who were duped by a New Jersey couple. 

Fourteen-thousand people donated more than 400-thousand-dollars to a fund they thought was going to a homeless veteran from Philadelphia. As you may know, Kate McClure and her boyfriend Mark D'Amico claimed in their GoFundMe campaign that homeless veteran Johnny Bobbitt Jr. gave McClure his last 20-dollars to fill her car with gas. Police say the entire story was made up.

The story got national attention, Bobbitt ended up getting about 75-thousand-dollars, and the couple used the rest themselves. All three are facing charges over the scam.

GoFundMe previously gave Bobbitt the money he said the couple kept for themselves, so the crowd funding site is taking a big hit on this apparent fraud case. Luckily, they say they have a policy in place for this kind of situation. Hopefully, people who thought they were helping will get their money back soon!

Source: CNN 

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