Hey, don't eat that!

You don't often hear of the police warning people not to steal chicken fingers, but that's exactly what happened in Alabama. 

Authorities had to threaten locals with charges to keep them from taking and eating chicken strips that fell off of a truck onto a rural highway after a crash. A semi truck hauling boxes of chicken tenders overturned on Highway 35 in Cherokee County, Alabama on Sunday evening. During the crash, the truck’s load of chicken tenders spilled off onto the roadway. The frozen rogue bird proved to be too tempting to the locals, because authorities had to issue an official warning. 

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office posted a Facebook message to residents explaining they are creating a traffic hazard by stopping on the highway to pick up the chicken tenders. The post also warns locals that they could face charges if they are caught taking the chicken tenders, and they posed a health hazard to consume as well.

Souce: FOX News

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