Carlos Santana: We need to connect with our hearts not walls

Ahead of President Trump's address tonight (Tuesday) from the Oval Office regarding the border wall comes this from one of Mexico's most famous musical exports, Carlos Santana:

Everyone is (has) light

Instead of building another Wall

Great Wall of China, Berlin Wall etc.,

Why don’t we connect with hearts

People's hearts where light abides

The Eternal living Christ claim to be light


Those who want the wall are vessels of

Darkness’s FEAR greed insecurity superiority

The wall is already in your mind where it was

Conceived and created by the EGOs ignorance

Where separation, exclusion, division and

Justification why others don’t have the right

To grow live exist and prosper in the light

Of their own being

So be true, be real honest -- do you really feel less by others being in this planet growing with prosperity success and flourishing in their own spiritual un-foldment?

OR are you evolved enough to celebrate others right to be in this planet

And shine their own light?

It’s time to ask yourself, am I a prisoner of my fear, greed, darkness, ignorance


I am spiritually evolved to see with the eyes of Christ and feel with the all inclusive LOVE of GOD?


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