ABBA's comeback is on hold for now

ABBA's comeback appears to be on hold. And you can apparently blame the lawyers.

During 2018, we heard about new songs and a CGI TV special using avatars of the legendary foursome. But the old year has come and gone, and there's still nothing new.

The problem is "contracts not being agreed to." Benny Andersson tells the ABBA-centric website IceTheSite, "When that press release [about the TV show and recordings] came out, everything was up and running smoothly, then it didn’t run as smoothly... We are still trying to establish the agreement that needs to be done to be able to continue. We are good. It’s the other side, everything that has to be done, everything that has to be drawn. It’s delayed. It’s not our doing."

Besides the legal-speak, Benny says the new songs "I Still Have Faith In You" and "Don’t Shut Me Down are not yet finished.  

Ironically, one of ABBA's most famous appearances came exactly 40 years ago tonight (Wednesday), when they joined The Bee Gees, Donna Summer, Earth, Wind and Fire, John Denver and Rod Stewart in The Music for UNICEF Concert: The Gift of Song.

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