Carlos Santana discusses the magic behind "Mona Lisa" EP

According to a press release from his publicist, there's quite a back story to Santana's In Search of Mona Lisa EP, which will come out January 25th.

Its three songs are said to be inspired by an encounter Carlos Santana had with Leonardo da Vinci's iconic painting when he and his family recently visited the Louvre Museum in Paris for the first time. 

Santana recalls being stunned to hear the Mona Lisa say "Hi" to him. He says that he "didn’t know what to say back," so he just replied, "Hi." She then said to him, "Do you remember me? When we were lovers in another time?"

Carlos calls it "the most incredible occurrence," and believes that "in a way, it was kind of perfect that [he] had never been to the Louvre before, because this might not have happened at another time." He feels that he "had to be who I am now, knowing that God is everywhere and that He was saying, ‘I love you’ by sending me this message of inspiration and visualization.”

Months later, Santana awoke from a dream with the lyrics to what would become the songs “In Search of Mona Lisa” and “Do You Remember Me” fully formed in his mind. He says it was the first time that he ever "woke up and lyrics were there in a tangible way,” and that he was just able to "grab them and write the songs.”

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