Lindsey Buckingham says he doesn't miss Fleetwood Mac

Close to a year after being booted from Fleetwood Mac, singer and guitarist Lindsey Buckingham says he's not missing his former bandmates.

Lindsey recently tweeted:  "I can’t say that I “miss” being in Fleetwood Mac, as I’ve been concentrating on fulfilling my own plans that were already in the works before the split happened. So, in a sense, the situation is still too new to miss...especially since I don’t have much regard for the way the band is presenting itself now. What I'm sad about is the split completely dishonors the beautiful 43 year legacy we built together, one that was always about rising above our difficulties in order to pursue a higher truth."

Fleetwood Mac, who resume their world tour at the end of the month, replaced Buckingham with Mike Campbell from Tom Petty's Heartbreakers, and Neil Finn from Crowded House.

Buckingham plans to hit the road again this year.

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