Lou Gramm says he's not exactly retiring

Lou Gramm has clarified his announcement last month during a show in New York State that he's hanging it up.

Speaking to WXXI in his hometown of Rochester, New York, he says, "I decided that I've been doing this for over 45 years, and we have a little one at home, and I wanted to spend time at home with [my wife] Robyn and my baby girl's name is Luciana. [She's] a year and three months. She's a little redhead and she's feisty and sweet and so much fun to be around."

But, like so many artists who have said they're stepping away, Gramm says he not completely done.

"I'm still gonna be doing occasional shows with Foreigner, and there's other configurations. I do a show as a guest vocalist with Asia. And there's a few other things that pop up every now and then. There's these things where there's orchestras and a rock band that play your hits and you sing with an orchestra as a background. I've done 'em over in Europe -- and it's stunning how interesting it sounds..."

And, then there's the matter of new music he's been working on.

"I have a few little tidbits that I'm working on, massaging them into a song. But I'll tell you what I am doing. Back in the days when I did my solo albums, I put 10 songs on the album. There were probably 13 songs, and the other three weren't finished. And so those songs would be not put on the album. So there's about another album's worth of songs that were never finished. And what I'm doing is finishing them three at a time and putting them where they can be downloaded."

So, at the end of the day we can add Gramm's name to the list of artists who said they are done, but continue to work in some form or another. Some of the names on that list include The Who, Elton John, KISS and Eric Clapton.

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