Billy Idol promises surprises during his upcoming Vegas shows

Billy Idol will dig deeper into his musical history when he plays Las Vegas.

Kicking off a 10-show mini-residency at the Pearl at the Palms this weekend, the '80s MTV favorite says, "The great thing about doing the Vegas show is that we do some songs that we don’t normally play... There are some deep cuts or B-sides or Generation X stuff that we don’t always do. do get something different that you haven’t seen before."

The British expat, who became a U.S. citizen last fall, says Las Vegas is the perfect location for him to play. "In the center of the country, it’s still very much a rock ’n’ roll world. They’re die-hard rock fans, and I think you get a lot of those people coming to Vegas to holiday. That’s another reason to be doing a residency in Vegas, because you are reaching those people who really do truly love rock ’n’ roll.”

Never accused of modesty, Billy has a promise for his fans: "They’re going to get the best entertainment. And I’m going to be one of the people providing it." (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

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