The Who's Roger Daltrey opens up about Pete Townshend and more

Roger Daltrey opened up on his life and music in last fall's memoir, Thanks a Lot Mr Kibblewhite

Still, the L.A. Times had several questions for The Who's vocalist -- including whether he thought bandmate and frenemy Pete Townshend had read his book.

Daltrey said, "I don't know... I haven't read his book." After a hearty laugh, he explained that he doesn't "deliberately... read anything written about me, and I didn't want to read anything he might have written that would get in my head."

While admitting their somewhat rocky relationship is "strange," Daltrey says they're "not close like buddies that go out. It's kind of like a family thing, like brothers. Although I've never had a brother. But maybe it's not like that. It's something really special. Maybe there's not a word for what our relationship is."

Roger is more wistful about an earlier bandmate. He says Keith Moon's story is "incredibly tragic. After we had the fight in Denmark [over a drugged-out performance onstage] we were very distant for two or three years." But toward the end, they again grew close. He and his wife Heather "were the last ones picking up the phone at 4 in the morning to a crying Keith Moon on the other end."

The Who kick off their first full-scale U.S. tour in three years on May 7th.

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