60's stars Peter Asher and Jeremy Clyde are teaming up

Peter Asher and Jeremy Clyde are teaming up for a clever twist on a storytellers show.

The two British Invasion artists, once members of competing duos, blend classic soft pop with stories drawn from their musical careers as well as acting work.

Monday at City Winery in New York, there was plenty of humor. Both admitted that fans often confused the duos. After all, each featured a tall guy singing lead and a short harmonizing partner wearing glasses. 

After the breakups of Peter and Gordon and Chad and Jeremy, each took different but successful paths.

Asher became the manager and producer of future Rock and Roll Hall of Famers James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt.

Clyde enjoyed a long run in British film, theater and TV -- including an episode of Downton Abbey.

Asher, a onetime child actor, amused the crowd with video of his first screen kiss, when he played Colbert's son in the 1952 movie The Planter's Wife.

Peter and Jeremy continue their tour Wednesday at City Winery in Washington, D.C.

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