Peter Frampton picks up Les Paul Innovation Award

Peter Frampton was a longtime friend of the late guitar innovator Les Paul, and Saturday at the NAMM TEC Awards in Anaheim, California he received the Les Paul Innovation Award, named after his buddy.

The British-born artist was presented the trophy by another fellow guitarist and long-time pal, Steve Lukather of Toto

Steve Lukather of Toto on being asked to present the Les Paul Innovation Award to Peter Frampton : "When Peter asked me to be the guy, I was a little bit shocked and also taken back. The truth of the matter is. Peter and I have been friends for 43 years. I adore this man. He’s a big hero of mine as well as being a great friend.”

Accepting the honor, Frampton spoke about getting an award named after Les Paul.

Peter Frampton talked about receiving the Les Paul Innovation Award. OC:…for me. :18

“There’s no question that Les Paul had a hand in everything I did and continue to do, both on stage and in the recording studio. Whatever I’ve done to earn this wonderful recognition, it all started with Les. That is an immense source of pride for me.”

Frampton ended by summing up Les Paul's legacy:

"He showed us that innovation isn't about high tech or money, it's about ideas. It's about using the tools at your disposal to make music in ways that no one has done it before. That's Les Paul's legacy. Thank you, Les."

Frampton received his award between two performances by him and his band. They opened with the blues number "Four Day Creep," which he played while in Humble Pie, and closed with a 13-minute version of his Frampton Comes Alive classic "Do You Feel Like We Do."

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