Def Leppard not happy with line of cheese named after their songs

Def Leppard  aren't so happy with yesterday's (Tuesday) news that songs by them,  Guns n' Roses  and others have been branded with their own  line of cheeses  by the discount supermarket chain Aldi.

Joe Elliott talked about the Aldi supermarket chain selling a line of cheeses inspired by popular songs from the 80s:

"It's completely illegal, absolutely nothing to do with us, nothing that we've sanctioned or said yes too -- it's just totally unauthorized. So, what you're gonna find now -- at least us and Guns N' Roses -- are sending out cease and desist [notices] to stop them. Because, I'm thinking, 'Oh man, if people really think that we're doing this...' It's like being hacked at by a snow axe, you know. We knew nothing about it until a mate of mine said, 'Nice. You gonna start doing wine and cheese parties now then are you?'"

The limited-edition line of cheeses are named after popular songs from the '80s. So, until pulled from the shelves, you can now enhance your favorite sandwich with:

  • "Sweet Cheddar of Mine"
  • "Pour Some Gouda on Me"
  • "Girls Just Wanna Have Fontina" ( Cyndi Lauper 's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun")
  • "Billie Goat Is My Lover" ( Michael Jackson 's "Billie Jean")
  • "Total Eclipse of the Havarti" ( Bonnie Tyler 's "Total Eclipse of the Heart")
  • "Wake Me Up Before You Goat-Goat" ( Wham 's "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go")

Each package also sports images reflecting the artist who recorded the song.

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