Journey's Neal Schon has realized Steve Perry has no interest in returning

Journey guitarist Neal Schon has finally come to the realization that Steve Perry has no interest in reuniting with him or the band.

He tellsArizona Central, "I’ve gone way out on a limb in so many different ways and all I can tell you is that he’s not contacted me to have that coffee yet. So I’m just gonna give it a rest... It just seems like he wants to have his own time to do things and not have a bunch of people talking to him about ‘Are you gonna get together with Neal? Are you gonna do Journey?’... But then every once in a while, he says something that gives you the feeling that he’s open to it. But after a while, you just have to leave things alone and let them take their own course."

Schon is playing shows with his Journey Through Time band, and doing some recording. He'll release a new album, Universe, in August. After that, he has dates with Journey, including another residency in Las Vegas in October, followed by a full tour next year.

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